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Cabanossi Kabana smoked Sausage 300 g

Pølse Cabanossi Kabana (røkt) 300 gr


Cabanossi, also known as kabana, is a smoked sausage usually made of pork that originated in Poland. They are smoky in flavor, and are perfect on a party platter.

Smokey Mountain Foods has an original mouth-watering recipe that will make your taste buds smile.

It is commonly cut into bite sized chunks and eaten cold as an appetizer or snack, often with cubes of cheese and crackers. Sliced cabanossi is also a popular pizza topping.

This product is vacuumed packed and contains 2 pieces, minimum weight approx. 300 grams

  • Made in-store
  • This product is gluten free.
  • Handy twin pack
  • Fully cooked smoked Cabanossi / kabana

Cabanossi Kabana smoked Sausage

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